Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rainbow Fish Working the Part

Today's Post is all about looking the part and really engaging your kids. When I did this first project with the kids I had more of "life lesson" at home in mind so I am not sure how practical it would actually be in the classroom. HOWEVER, since making this I thought of a very clever and very easy way to make it adaptable for a classroom and also serve as a teachable moment for creating community. I know how important that is these days (okay well it used to be HUGE when I was teaching).
My kids and I made this necklace with permanent markers, glitter glue, shrinky dink film, a circle paper punch, jump rings, and a $1 chain from wally world.
Oh, there is my neighbors house.
HI, neighbor!!
The colors really turned out great. 
What do you think?
We traced the circles on the film, colored with permanent makers (even the Princess helped and did not make a mess!), punched them out and added a 1-hole-punch to the top, baked according to the instructions (and if you forget about them in the oven because you have kids crawling up your leg they do not get ruined!),  waited for them to cool, added glitter to the silver ones, slipped them on a jump ring and then onto the $1 chain AND FINISHED!
But if you wanted to make a quick and easy necklace and be able to give you kids a shimmering "scale" why not use these?
Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details
You could make your necklace out the ribbon and just paper clip on some of the silver paillettes and hand to the kids. Then have them slip them on a piece of string, followed by a discussion about goal setting and that everyone is going to shine this year. Okay, just an idea.

AND If you really want to to WOW your kiddos then try making and wearing one of these:

Here are some of the lessons and activities I found for you guys if you want to get your summer learn on with the kiddies! Also, I was thinking about ways to incorporate MATH into this project for elementary school kids and why not turn the coloring pages into one of those math worksheets. Like these (I found the coloring sheet here):

NOT BAD for about 2 minutes of work. Plus, it would be a great beginning of the assessment tool or just simple practice.

Check this one out here! OMGosh, some seriously cute stuff here and get this UPCYCLING Craft opportunity!!!

Need a back to school ice breaker to use with this book? Check out the MOTHERLOAD here. This one includes Math, Science, Other read alouds, etc. SO GREAT!

Kinesthetic Learner Activity here. (Great use of Multiple intelligences)

Creative Writing about feelings.

Teaching Ideas including puppet show w/ script, awesome printables (one is a puzzle), and it comes totally equipped with the standards if you need. This website is actually Missouri based but it has some AWWWWMazing lesson plans and they are all aligned with the state and/or National Standards!! You can check out the puppets that I made here.

AWESOME site here they Incorporated Rainbow Fish into the Sea Unit. Some really cool ideas!

Here is an entire thematic unit based on Rainbow Fish!

You can find a bulletin board idea here.

OMGoodness, look at these little costumes at Suzie Hula-Hoop. ADORABLE!

Here are some more activities from ehow family.

Man, some days I really miss teaching and being creative via the classroom. ONLY some days!
I hope you all make some awesome Rainbow Fish and then come back and share with me!

AND Just in case you missed this week's earlier posts please keep reading.

**While I was reading this book for like the 100 Millionth time I felt compelled to share some of my thoughts with you. In the book it says that Rainbow fish is not willing to share his most prized possessions, his shiny scales. However, when we seeks the advice of the wise octopus he rethinks how he could truly be happy. And what does he do?? He gives away his most prize possessions and feels a happiness he has not known. (We all know the story right?)
Well, this got me to thinking about my business, this blog, the people that I have "met," etc. Are we ALL like Rainbow fish? Don't we ALL have something that we could share with others that would make them and ourselves happy? Take me for example, my family, my secrets, my crafts, and creations are my most prized possessions and yet day after day I share these things with the hope that everyone will find a "shimmering scale" among my ramblings that you can wear proudly. We already know how happy blogging has made my life! I enjoy being able to enhance my life through you, your creative inspiration, and giving a little piece of my self every day. SO BIG HUGS to you!**

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