Monday, July 4, 2011

Miss 4th of July Wand Tutorial


Supplies you will need-
3 yards of Red, White, & Blue Tulle (9 yds. total)
12 inch strip of tulle (any of the colors)
Remnant Sequin Ribbon (2ft)
**Gilda and her babies/Hot Glue and Gun**(see note at end of blog)
12 inch dowel rod
Gem Embellishment
2 feet Ribbon (optional)
1. Cut your cardboard into a circle and then make it a donut. Make 2. Mine is about 5 inches in diameter.
2. Cut a 12 inch strip of tulle and place it around the inner circle like above.
3. Place  you second donut on top of the first donut and tulle strip.
4. Wrap your blue tulle around as pictured above.
5. When you get to the end tuck the last bit of tulle underneath itself to hold it in place.
6. Do the same wrapping with red.
7. And then white.
8. I added sparkly ribbon on top of all of that but this is optional.
10. Go back to the excess tulle that is sandwiched between your cardboard donuts.
11. Pull the pieces away from each other to make an opening like the one above.
12. Slide your scissors in that opening and cut all the way around.

It should look like this and if it helps leave it on the table with your hand on top and then cut.
Are wee all still together?
12. Wrap that sandwiched piece of tulle around your fluff ball and tie in a knot.
13. Carefully slide cardboard donuts off of tulle and ribbon, like pictured above.
15. Some of the pieces will be uneven. NOT to WORRY just give your fluff ball a little trim job.
See? Perfecto!
16. Grab your sequin ribbon and dowel rod.

17. Lay dowel in the center like so and run a bead of glue along the edge of ribbon. Roll dowell on to glue and hold in place until secure. NOW repeat on the other side.
ONLY half done.

18. Stand dowel up and lay flat on top of ribbon again making sure to keep it nice and tight. Repeat gluing process. We are almost finished!
Pretty, huh?
19. Now, grab your gem embellishment.
20. And glue to the bottom of dowell rod and over the sequins.
I guess this part is optional too but I think it makes it a little extra special.
21. Find the fluff center.
See there it is!
22. Glue dowel to center until secure.
ALL DONE and we did it

**A glue gun was injured during the making of this tutorial. Gilda is no longer with me. As soon as I finished this making this tutorial, before I could even unplug her, Gilda made 3 loud "POPs" (like fireworks) and then smoke billowed from her belly. She was laid to rest later that evening with an intimate ceremony. She gave me a great 10+ years. :(

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