Saturday, July 9, 2011

Frog Favorite Friends #3

I know that if you have ever done a Mod Podge craft then you have heard of this Frog Favorite Friend.
Amy from Mod Podge Rocks is totally awesome and I just had to share our "story" with. HA, like we have been friends for years or something.
When I started blogging, I ran across Amy's blog and on a whim I emailed her asking the most obscure questions about Mod Podge projects. Do you know what happened? That lovely lady emailed me back explaining how to complete my project. Not only once but several times and even on the weekend when I was in panic mode for a last minute Father's Day gift.
I swear this lady is SO helpful you will wish you could stick her in your pocket or maybe just text her every day with crafty questions.
But it doesn't stop there it is not that she is helpful but she SO nice! Even with some of the stupid questions I asked she never once made me feel like it was a stupid question. It was just the opposite actually. She makes you feel like you are the most important part of her day.
 You have to go and check out Amy's google profile here see all of the wonderfully crafty things she is involved in. I would highlight them all but we would be here all day. Seriously, this lady does everything!
If you have not already, go check her out, follow her on twitter, like her on facebook, JUST STALK her because you will not find another blogger like Amy and she truly is a fantastic resource!!
~HUGS to AMY and to you all for listening to me SING HER PRAISES!