Monday, July 11, 2011

Mama Monday Educational Edition 2 - Rainbow Fish

Last week (or when ever it was) while I was making my glitter artichoke balls, I had the cutest idea to go with the very popular, very wonderful, very inspirational book, Rainbow Fish. So, I dug around through the 1,000 or so books we have here at the house and read it again. Which of course got me even more amped to put this Mama Monday Education Edition together for you all. For the next few days I will be highlighting some of the activities I found or made up for this book. I think you are really going to like them and hope you will use them in your classroom or with home schooling.
**While I was reading this book for like the 100 Millionth time I felt compelled to share some of my thoughts with you. In the book it says that Rainbow fish is not willing to share his most prized possessions, his shiny scales. However, when we seeks the advice of the wise octopus he rethinks how he could truly be happy. And what does he do?? He gives away his most prize possessions and feels a happiness he has not known. (We all know the story right?)
Well, this got me to thinking about my business, this blog, the people that I have "met," etc. Are we ALL like Rainbow fish? Don't we ALL have something that we could share with others that would make them and ourselves happy? Take me for example, my family, my secrets, my crafts, and creations are my most prized possessions and yet day after day I share these things with the hope that everyone will find a "shimmering scale" among my ramblings that you can wear proudly. We already know how happy blogging has made my life! I enjoy being able to enhance my life through you, your creative inspiration, and giving a little piece of my self every day. SO BIG HUGS to you!**

Now, on with the show!

While I was looking for activities and such to go with this series of books. YES a series! Did you know that?? Neither did I.My son took a trip to the library and brought back all of these for me. Isn't he a sweetie?!!?

I ran across this lesson plan which is the basis for this post today. There is a play (script included, and wait until you see the puppets we made), printables, etc. One of the printables is a simple puzzle but I did not like it so I made this one:

Then I colored it.

Darkened the puzzle lines and viola. YOUR OWN PUZZLE.

 Now, how awesome would this be if your child(ren) colored it themselves, glued it on to tag board and them cut it out. Maybe even laminate it for durability.
Want to know how I made it?
I found this coloring page online AND this blank puzzle piece.
I copied and pasted both into a word document. Made them the same size (roughly). Printed both, then set my puzzle piece to COPY while feeding through my fish. TOO EASY! 

I also did a little painting with WATER COLORS because this is kind of a water theme right. I cut up to HUGE paper plates and made this little guy.

All I had to do to make his shimmering scales...punch tin foil which you are supposed to do to sharpen it any way, so kill to bird with one stone. Now I know these are not the most fabulous crafts you have seen from me but I did this and all of the rest of this weeks crafts with my kids!! And they only get more fabulous from here!!
HUGS~And don't forget to check back all week for more crafts for this inspirational book.

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