Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Funday Family Yard Work

We try very hard to take pride in our home and outside as well. I must admit that this year we have been a little lax to say the least. But we are working on it. One of the things that I love about being outside is that everyone can help and loves to get dirty.

Big Daddy and Little Man mowing.

We have planted tomatoes every year.  
We tried corn one year but for some reason it did not
really take! I wonder why? HAHA

We also tried pumpkins but as you can see that
did not work out either.  
Strawberries!! And this pie is delish!

My flower bed out in front of my house.

Tall PHLOX- beautiful and smell AMAZING!

Sad but true! The one thing we just cannot seem to
agree on!!

This year we only planted some potted
flowers and tomato plants. We have not eaten
any yet but this guy did!

He is beautiful though!! 
AND look he has a friend!

Oh great they poop too. See that little peppble looking thing
center right?
And look how BIG they are!