Friday, July 1, 2011

America the Beautiful is KNOCKING on my Door

America the Beautiful is KNOCKING on my Front Door
Here is what I did with our front "porch." It is just a dinky little landing but now it is glAMERICA!
I have 2 tutorials to put together for this project too. One for the wreath, which was SUPER easy and CHEAP and my Independence Day "artichoke" styrofoam balls. I will put the tutorials together later today and post them so you all have them.
I also have had a request for a tutorial for my TuTu Cute America tutu so I will put that together too.
Several posts will be going out today because
 I have some SUPER exciting news to tell you all!
 I could barely contain myself yesterday when I found out! SO, tons more coming today and through out the weekend!
So cute, right? 
Well, little America did not want to
stay  put. BUT I think it looks better
without that pesky little sign! Not quite
so BUSY! 
And here is the "floral" arrangement
I made for the front porch too.  
Oh, there is Miss America! She found a perfect
place for herself! 
My sequin glAMERICA ball.
Don't you love how it turned out?
I sure do!! 
My little "artichoke" rocket styrofoam
balls. A LOT more work than I had
anticipated but we will get to that later.  
I think these turned out

What do you think? Do you want the tutorial?
Check back later for the tutorial and a
EXCITING (for me anyway)