Friday, July 1, 2011

Stars and Stripes Wreath Tutorial

Want the tutorial for this SUPER EASY Wreath?
Well, okay.

Supplies needed: 
Wreath form
Red, white, and blue tulle
Red and Blue Fabric
Pre-cut Felt Stars and Felt Sparkle Star stickers (DOLLAR SECTION @ JoAnns)
Gilda and her Babies (glue gun and sticks)
Embellishments of chose
1. Wrap wreath for with white tulle. It took me a hole roll to get it covered this much. (Side note: I only used tulle because that is what I had on hand.)
Tie and know red tulle around wreath form as pictured above.
Twist and wrap all the way around. 
Repeat with BLUE tulle. 
Add your felt stars as you see fit. I put the felt stickers
in the center of the BIG felt star (which were glued on
the wreath) and in between each.  
Cut your blue and red material into strips in the width
you would like (mine were like 5 for blue and 6 for red). 
Put a running stitch on one side and gather.Glue blue
ruffle to back side of wreath and then red.
All done and SUPER EASY!